Fine Art Course

Crayon | Colour Pencil | Watercolour | Pencil Sketching
Class format: Group Class (Max. 10 students)
Duration: 2 hours
Frequency: One lesson per week

Classical Piano

UK graded & Diploma

Children and adult classical piano course under ABRSM (Royal Schools) or Trinity College syllabus. 

Orchestral Strings

UK graded & Diploma

Violin, Viola & Cello courses under ABRSM (Royal Schools) or Trinity College syllabus.

Guitar & Ukulele

UK graded & Diploma

Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar & Ukulele courses under LCM (London College of Music) RGT syllabus

Drum Kit

UK graded & Diploma

Drum Kit couse under LCM (London College of Music) Syllabus

Fine Art

Fun & Serious Learning

Crayon, Colour Pencil, Watercolour & Pencil Sketching course